WordPress Truncation call is causing php4 errors

My latest WordPress theme, DynamicColor has been doing rather well as far as the downloads go. I was suprised to here that several people were having some trouble with this theme. It seems that they are still running php4. I have been working rather hard to master Classes within php. Therefore, I have been using classes when ever possible. Turns out these classes are causing their errors.

I built a truncating class that I like more then the WordPress default get_excerpt(). Ive never been happy having to add more tags to a post. Therefor in all my themes I ad some form of truncation. My latest solution has been the class found below.

class truncate{
/* Public function for truncating content
*  Requires an string and a length
* Structure:
* $truncateString = ‘text ro truncate’
* Example:
*    $truncateString = truncate::doTruncate($_POST[‘truncate’], 100);
* Returns:
* return truncated string;

public static function doTruncate($truncateString, $limit, $break=”.”, $pad=”…”) {

// return with no change if string is shorter than $limit
if(strlen($truncateString) <= $limit) return $truncateString;

// is $break present between $limit and the end of the string?
if(false !== ($breakpoint = strpos($truncateString, $break, $limit))) {

if($breakpoint < strlen($truncateString) – 1) {

$truncateString = substr($truncateString, 0, $breakpoint) . $pad;


return $truncateString;



With this class I am able to use:

<?php $permalink = ‘ <a href=”‘.get_permalink().'”>Read More…</a>’;  ?>
<?php $truncateContent = truncate::doTruncate(strip_tags(get_the_content(), ”), 300, ‘.’, $permalink); ?>
<p><?php echo $truncateContent; ?></p>

Instead of using the typical the_excerpt() or the the_content. I can specify the amount of truncation as well as what I want character I want to stop the truncation at. The example above truncates on a period.

If you are building a WordPress theme and are looking for a better way to truncate the content, feel free to use this class. Clearly, I would love a link back to this article if you do end up using it. But consider yourself warned, there are a few people still using php4 and they will get an error.

If you would like to see the them you can check it out at: WordPress.GordonFrench.com

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