B2200 Taiwan MultiSwitch – works with a little help.

I have been running into issues with my tail lights, head lights and blinkers. For a couple weeks I would hit the column with a heavy screwdriver and get whatever I need to work for a short period of time.

Yes, the multi-switch was bad. That was not hard to figure out. No, it was not a fuse. Fuses don’t magically work when hit hard.

My problem was in finding a new multi-switch. I ended up buying one on eBay for $39 plus $11 shipping. The listing clearly said 85, 86 to 96 B2200 combination switch. Well, they lied.

The part arrived after a few weeks. That was expected since it was coming from Taiwan. It’s feels a little lower quality and maybe more universal, but it was pretty and new. All the writing is bright white.

First issue I noticed was there isn’t a centering tab. The factory one is held on with a set screw that kinda clamps it in place. There is then a centering tab that lets you rotate the switch till it falls in place and then you tighten it down. Without that tab you can angle the switch any way you want. I put the top cover on and just moved it around till it was level with the dash then tightened the set screw.

All but one plug was simple and easy. You unplug the old and plug it into the new. Thats what you expect, isn’t it?

Again with the lights. The new switch has 5 prongs and the old had 4 prongs for the lighting plug. I actually did not notice this at first. It is rather hard to see. I thought the clip on the plug was damaged and I pulled it completely off so it wasn’t in the way. This let me put the 4 prong plug on the 5 prong socket.

Guess what!, That didn’t work. No headlights unless I turned on the brights.

I spent about 20 min turning things on and off while tracing what was what. Eventually, I was able to map out each of the prongs and decided to make some jumpers. I could have just cut the plug off and put spade connectors on but I hate that. Some day this truck might get the right switch so I did not want to cut any wires.

Here are my 3 jumpers.

I hooked them up and everything is working nicely. I have all my lights turning on and off at the right times with the right switch.

Here is the order of the plugs if you need it.

I doubt this will be read by many but if you find it useful, send me a comment so I know my time was not a complete waste.

I did not trace the horn. Mine isn’t hooked up. With only two prongs left I would assume you could put a continuity tester on them and press the horn button.

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3 thoughts on “B2200 Taiwan MultiSwitch – works with a little help.”

  1. This may come in handy. Im having problems with mine but its the blinkers don’t work, the 4ways do the headlights do everything but the blinkers.

  2. I have a 89 B2200 with a 350 in the truck and running well, I am in the process of trying to clean up all the bad splicing and wiring the prior owner did. If you have any pictures or input It would be greatly appreciated. chefman45887@yahoo.com is my email or find me by name out of Columbus, Ohio on FB.

    Thank you,

    Michael Sandy

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