In the 90’s everything had to be shaved, so lets roll with it.

It seems most Mazda have broken antennas and that just didn’t work for me or my mini. If you have every replaced an antenna, you know they attach from the under side of the fender. My plan was to unbolt the side of the fender and try to pull it out enough to get to the antenna. This actually worked, but I noticed there were only two bolts left holding it on.

Might as well take it all the way off since its still kinda in the way.

Well… I got to thinking, the fender is off so I should see what it would would cost to get it painted to correct the color. Apparently, at some point in this little guys life, he got into some kind of accident and a body shop did not- so-great of a paint match. I decided it needed painted before going back on.

Should I try to paint it or take it to shop? Do I even want that antenna on there? And the emblem should go away as well.  I guess, I should do some body work before painting it. If I paint it, I can use the left over paint to fix some other issues as well.

Ok… my simple antenna repair is now a nice little project to shave and paint a fender.

Mazda fender ready for body work

Fender is off so I ground down the spots I wanted to work on. Need good clean metal for welding or body filler.

patch panel

Normally, I weld a piece of metal to the inside of the fender and fill over the hole with body filler. I recently added a gas set up to my welder and thought it would be good to make a proper filler panel and weld it up the right way.

Mazda B2200 welded

Welded up the holes and ground them smooth. Nothing to it. Small enough pieces this time that I didn’t even warp the fender. I’m getting better at this body work.

B2200 fender ready for paint

Added a little filler and then sanded rather smooth. I am not a body guy. I am not very good at this but I can do enough to make my cars look ok. Im worried about the wheel lip. Its a hard enough shape that I am not sure if I can get it smooth but I don’t want to pay a shop to do it.

Seems like my $250 project B2200 is a great car to practice on.

Im confident that if I burn through enough primer I can get it better then it was.

B2200 fender shaved and primer

As I expected, after the primer went on I can see the wheel lip needs some more work. It got bent up when I rolled the lip for more tire clearance. Some day I have to learn how to roll that and not bend it.

Yes, I waste more paint than a body shop but its cheaper for me to buy the paint and sand it off then it is to pay a shop to do the body work. I think one more layer of body filler on the wheel lip will get it looking good enough.

The good news is the antenna and emblem holes are now gone. In my opinion came out great. Time for paint.

I talked to the local paint shop about mixing single stage. Im not a professional painter and adding a clear coat is just another chance for me to screw it up. Personally, I miss the old enamels that could be touched up.

One issue. The single stage has to be used with in 24 hours. I guess we have to shave a few other things on this little Mazda.

My son really disliked the bumper holes. My plan was to get the rubber covers but they are $90 on ebay. Really? $90 bucks for a simple rubber cover. I’ll pass, I got other stuff to spend that money on. I also need to fix the rust at the seems.

Got it pretty well ground down. I ended up cutting that rust completely out. It was worse then it looks in that picture. The rust had started at the back and was in between the layers of steel.

Got everything welded up. I used a filler panel I made from left over Nova sheet metal and welded up the holes and rust spots.

Not perfect but not too bad. Little bit more hand sanding and it will be ready for primer.

While I was waiting for filler to dry, I coated the inner fender with spray on bed liner. I noticed the lower parts had surface rust on them. I used a wire brush to clean before spraying.

I could clearly tell this truck spent its life as a farm truck. That area had to have 5 pounds of dirt behind the fender.

Got the first coat of primer on. Yes, I use primer like its a guide coat.

Cleaned the shop from all the sanding mess to get it ready to spray. Sure is fun cleaning knowing you will have to do it all over in a few hours.

Very happy with the roll pan. Paint laid out great with almost no orange peel.

The fender came out great. I noticed one sanding scratch under the paint and a little orange peel in the lower part of the fender. Im sure it will polish out.

Tailgate is another story. Im not happy with it at all. The tailgate was a last minute decision and I clearly did not put enough effort into blocking it. I fixed the big dents and those came out fine. I missed 20 other smaller dents in a hurry so I could shoot color that night. I should have gotten to bed and looked it over in the morning. Looks like it was in a mild hail storm. Will be redoing the tailgate next time I paint something else on the truck.

At first I was very worried about the color It looked much redder then the truck. I was pleasantly surprised when I removed the tape on the roll pan and the color is about perfect. Its more vibrant being new but I believe its the correct color.  Im still worried about the fender since the old fender was orange. The door was faded to match it. Im guessing the door wont match the new fender.

Pretty sure I will be painting the entire truck over then next couple months.

Let the paint sit in the sun over the weekend and color sanded and buffed out Sunday night. Here is the finished product.

that is wax on the bottom, its not scratched.

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