Project Scrap Metal – 1976 SWB 4×4 Chevy

Im not really one for naming cars or projects. I have the Black Vette, the Green Vette, the Camaro and so on. It just not my thing, but for some reason this truck is getting called Project Scrap Metal. Thats really what this truck is. The Chevy is too far gone to save but for some other reason, possibly related to why I want to name it, I am going to attempt to bring this truck back to life.

I spent a couple weeks looking for a factory 4×4 short bed Chevy K10 Silverado. A few years ago that was an easy task, not anymore….

What Happened?

It seems these trucks are gone. I mean just gone. There are plenty of over priced long beds that need a full restoration but the short beds are actually hard to find. I agreed to pay $2500 for a non running rust bucket 6 hours away. It was a Trailering Special, but still $2500 and I lost it. Yes, really! I paid a security deposit for the truck and the guy sold it out from under me.

I gave up and bought this pile of scrap metal bolted together to look like a K10. It came with a title saying it’s actually a K10 and enough remaining parts to tell at one time it was or is a K10, Short Bed, 4×4, Silverado with air, power steering, power brakes, towing package and a few other possible goodies. Another bonus is I think it is a factory double black truck with red interior, maybe tan. Hopefully, I will get really lucky and find a build sheet. Doubt it.

Here she is in all her glory the day I bought her. Now, you see why I ignored this truck for 3 weeks trying to find a better one.

SWB Chevy

That is one ugly 4×4. The window said $2000.00 OBO. Well after some discussion about the massive hole in the bed, I got the guy down to $1500. Really? I paid $1500 for that truck… Not sure if that was my brightest purchase. It ran well enough to make the 25 mile trip home.

rusted bed floor

Trust me, nothing on the truck is much better then that bed. I don’t think I will be saving any of the factory metal except maybe the hood. Even the cab is questionable. I have a full post planned for attempting to save the cab.

rusted cab floor

By this time I have had the truck sitting around for a few weeks.  I collected a few parts like a 454, a step side bed and some great interior pieces.

Today, I decided to drive her around a little before pulling her into the shop to fix the sloppy gear box and possibly start the engine swap. She has a good running 350 but I want a big block. Suspension seems ok but the steering on the way home was terrible. I am certain the gear box is junk but the rest of the steering components look to be in good shape.

Anyway… this girl and I are not off to a good start. I did a few donuts in the yard just to test stuff out and she dies. Got her jump started again and this time, I tried driving to the neighbors a mile down the road to charge the battery. I get a little over half way before she leaves me walking. Of course the battery is dead and I have nothing to jump it with.

I start walking back to the shop to get the tractor and another driver. Thirty minutes later and I still don’t have this truck running. Not getting any fuel to the carb. I ended up pushing her home with the tractor.

I’m not very happy with the old girl. I fell through the floor of the bed while cleaning it out. So, she has tossed me through her bed floor and now she leaves me walking. I really hope today isn’t a sign of things to come with project scrap metal.

tractor pushing chevy

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