Lowering a Datsun 620

I feel pretty much all two wheel drives vehicles need lowered. I just don’t care for stock height. This logic certainly applies to my Datsun 620, it is a minitruck after all.

I had not even heard of a king pin style suspension before I started on this truck. I was rather surprised to see there are drum brakes and no ball joints on the front of 620’s. Combine that with the fact that no one makes after market parts for these and we have a project on our hands.

For now, I took the truck as low as I can without major modifications. For the rear I add a 3″ block and new u-bolts. I did not bother looking for a kit made for a Datsun. They are u-bolts not spindles. You just need u-bolts the same diameter as the axel and long enough to fit over the block. The local O’reilly’s had a set of 4 in stock. I did not ask there staff, they would have said they did not have anything for a Datsun. Instead, I walked to the back where the trailer towing stuff is and found them on my own. I already had 3 inch blocks but same store has blocks as well.

Take note, Its easier to do one side at a time. The axle cannot split out of place. Lift the truck up supporting the truck by the frame and not the axle. Then lift the axle enough to take the weight off the bolt. Unbolt the u-bolts on one side. Lift the axle high enough to slide the block between the axel and leaf pack. Then add new u-bolts and bolt it back up. Repeat on the on the other side.

Mazda: but the block is the same.

The front on a Datsun is even easier. You just loosen the bolts on the torsion bar until they are no longer tight then put a few turns on them to keep them from being to loose. This will lower the front ride height. You can use these to lower or lift the truck to your desired height. In case the truck gets stuck because you lower it to much, consider visiting towingless.com to hire a truck and get it to the shop.

red arrow is pointing at the correct bolt to loosen.

That was it… I check the shocks to make sure they are not bottoming out and they are not. If they were I would start by looking at Pinto shocks and go from there. Seems these are fine. Since we are only 3″ I am not messing with the bump stops or a notch in the axle. Those will come later.

This new stance required new wheels.
Well, Ok I required new wheels the stock ones actually still fit fine.

I went with 15×8 6×5.5 +19mm. The +19mm is the offset and this is important. This is what determines how far in or out the wheels are. I was trying to get them under the fender as much as possible. Pretty hard task on a Datsun.  The rear actually rub on the leaf spring perch. I added a 1.8 wheel spacer to the back for now. Later I will remove the perch. The wheels are probably as big as you will get under a 620. There is no room left but they do clear. Tires are 205/50r15’s

notice wheel is actually under the fender.

Most people would be happy with this new stance and the new wheels. Unfortunately it feels to high for me. I will get the truck sitting lower after I get it running better. Carb is currently leaking fuel.  Few hundred dollars and this truck looks drastically different. I am happy with the results thus far. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

basic before and after showing the changes

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  1. did you just use washers to shim the front control arms to combat the positive camber?

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