WordPress and It’s Benefits to using as a CMS (Content Management System)

WordPress is a Content Management System and is a free open source for blog publishing application. It is an extremely useful tool, and is highly recommended when taking you or your business online. Many people, from the small business owner, to the entrepreneur, to even big corporations use WordPress to express their online presence.

To make use of it, you have to first download and install a script called WordPress from the site WordPress.org. Now you will be needing a webhost that at least meets the minimum requirements. You can use it for almost any website that you want and is completely customizable. WordPress has a new WordPress-based blog service that you can create in seconds and its totally for free. There are components to using the free service though.

One great thing with WordPress is you can rearrange the widgets you have on your site without even editing HTML or the PHP codes. You can also adjust the themes that you install, and they can be changed easily to a new theme because WordPress mostly uses a templating system. The PHP and HTML codes may be edited allowing more advanced customizations for your site. WordPress also features integrated link management and automatic filters for style and formatting of texts in the articles used on your site. Not to mention that it also nice with trackback and pingback standards, you can display links to another sites that are linked to an article or post.

WordPress only supports one web blog per every installation. To fix that, blogs can exist simultaneously by using the Worsdpress Multi-User that was created by WordPress. It’s now possible to control the blogging community and moderate the blogs from a single dashboard for anyone who has a website from WordPress. This is definitely another perk of using WordPress with your online presence.

Since WordPress is a free service, you will also be able to find some free templates to use for the look of your site. Even still, in the case you find a look that you must have that does have an investment to use it, you’ll find that the investments are minute compared to having a web developer design a custom site for you.

In order to build your own site with WordPress, you will want to educate yourself on the basics so that you don’t spend hours attempting to build your site and have it only look mediocre. You’ll also want to educate yourself on WordPress so you don’t tinker with the coding incorrectly and mess up your whole site. So familiarize yourself before making pretend you’re a web developer. It will be much more cost efficient ’cause you wont need to worry about hiring a web developer in the end just to fix just a tiny error you made from lack of experience with WordPress. Please keep in mind to back up of your site on a secure server often so that you have your most recent updates updated in case of an error.