Make a Static Frontpage in WordPress

Today we can use WordPress for more or less any type of internet site we want. Although WordPress was in the beginning created as a weblog or blogging platform, it’s powerful enough to create even a Content Management System (CMS). We can use it to create any type of website we desire.

Here at Affiliate Marketing Today we’ve been receiving quite a few requests on how to setup a static front page in WordPress from our Affiliate Marketers. The following is the method I’ve used successfully on several different occasions and it has always worked well for me. Simple and uncomplicated and hope at helps everyone..

First, login to your ‘Admin Dashboard’ page…

1.     Go to the ‘Page’ section and create an empty page named ‘Home‘. Most logical name but you are able to name it anything you like (i.e. Startpage, Frontpage, etc.). This will be your new static front page. Crucial thing is to remember to give it a page Order of ‘0‘ (zero).


2.     Next, you need to create an empty page named ‘Blog’ or ‘Articles’, again, it can be whatever you would like. Now, and as you did in Step 1 above we need to give this page a high Order number like ‘99‘. If your Template allows for page templates you will be able to assign the page layout at this time or come back later. Most templates will default to a ‘Blog’ style page.


3.     You’re just about done! The final step is go to the ‘Settings‘ section on your Dashboard activate everything by clicking on ‘Reading‘. At the very top of the page select the ‘static page’ button, next go to Front page option and select ‘Home‘ or whatever you named your new static front page. Finally, select the ‘Posts page and select whatever page name you will use as the Posts page. Your done.


4.     Closing note, many new affiliate marketers spend too much time trying to get their site “just right“. Spend your time on developing quality content for the site, after all, isn’t that what the customer is looking for. Over time you will get it the site “just right”.

That’s it. You now have a static frontpage and your Posts will be displayed in your new Posts page. Hopefully, this will get you pointed in the right direction.

In this day and age WordPress can be found powering News or Magazine sites, e-Commerce and Gallery sites and just about anything else you are able to think of. The amount of quality Plugin’s available are what gives the WordPress platform its amazing power. You name it, and there’s a plugin or template that will help accomplish your goal. Use it!