Weber and Header for my 77′ Datsun

At this time I am not ready to do an LS swap in a Datsun 620. I have a lot of research to do before starting that project. Plus, I need to finish the 89 Mazda B2200. My goal is to get this truck drivable so I can play with it from time to time. Unfortunately, every seal on the carb was leaking. Not fixing or replacing the carb would result in this Datsun going up in flames. I am by no means a carb mechanic and certainly don’t want to learn how to rebuild that stock thing. Only option was a new one. Might as well go bigger.

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Lowering a Datsun 620

I feel pretty much all two wheel drives vehicles need lowered. I just don’t care for stock height. This logic certainly applies to my Datsun 620, it is a minitruck after all.

I had not even heard of a king pin style suspension before I started on this truck. I was rather surprised to see there are drum brakes and no ball joints on the front of 620’s. Combine that with the fact that no one makes after market parts for these and we have a project on our hands.

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Out with the old and in with new!

After I figured out the factory block was junk it was time to get it out of there.

Got the Block out and … a little while later, I had the tranny out as well. I then borrowed a bare block, head and manifolds for the mock up process. Since so little was online about this swap, I thought it was best to make sure it would all fit before I was to committed to swapping in a SBC. It’s also easier to work with.

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Found a Clean 1989 Mazda B2200 for $250… What to do with it?


I found this little Mazda on Facebook. Its been living on a farm, working way to hard. He gave up his heart to that farm. I believe he has always really wanted to be a Minitruck.

Got the little Mazda home after a stop at the car wash.

Well… I thought it would be best to really inspect his heart and decided if it could be saved. Turns out that was a waste of time for this little guy. He worked so hard he lost the number 3 piston. Wasn’t anything left of it. The connecting rod was found behind the exhaust manifold outside the engine block.

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