B2200 Taiwan MultiSwitch – works with a little help.

I have been running into issues with my tail lights, head lights and blinkers. For a couple weeks I would hit the column with a heavy screwdriver and get whatever I need to work for a short period of time.

Yes, the multi-switch was bad. That was not hard to figure out. No, it was not a fuse. Fuses don’t magically work when hit hard.

My problem was in finding a new multi-switch. I ended up buying one on eBay for $39 plus $11 shipping. The listing clearly said 85, 86 to 96 B2200 combination switch. Well, they lied.

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New mirrors for the B2200 results in shaved locks

Saturday, the Mazda made it to his first show. The truck really isn’t show ready but I felt he should get some practice at a small, local show before heading 503 miles to Shawnee for the Severed Ties 25th reunion at Slamboree.

He did not win anything, but didn’t expect to. His paint is still rough and interior was in even worse shape. He did get some respect on the engine swap. Lots of people looking under his hood.

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Lowered Steering Column?

I started driving my V8 swapped Mazda around a little to break-in the engine and work out whatever little bugs it might have. I must say, I hate the location of the steering wheel. Its just to high for the seat position.  I’m 5’10” and about 150 lbs …. so pretty skinny. I like my steering wheel down low. I don’t feel I should be looking over it.

My options to fix this seemed to be to find a tilt column for a B2200. Not sure if they even make one. I could raise the seat, I checked the head clearance and I have plenty. Except for the fact that I like the location of the dash. I can see fine, the wheel is just out of place. The last option I came up with was to lower the column.

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VW Air Shocks on a B2200?

When you drop a truck 6″ you can expect the factory shocks not to work. I know, I know there are a few lucky guys who say there factory shocks work just fine compressed 6 or more inches, but I have never been that lucky. The new Monroe shocks blew out within a few miles. Not like it mattered, they were bottomed out anyway.

Typically it takes a while to figure out the best shocks for your application. Thankfully, now a days we have the internet and in this case a Mazda Facebook Group. I simply posted a question asking what shocks would fit in the rear. The common answer was VW Bug air shocks.

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In the 90’s everything had to be shaved, so lets roll with it.

It seems most Mazda have broken antennas and that just didn’t work for me or my mini. If you have every replaced an antenna, you know they attach from the under side of the fender. My plan was to unbolt the side of the fender and try to pull it out enough to get to the antenna. This actually worked, but I noticed there were only two bolts left holding it on.

Might as well take it all the way off since its still kinda in the way.

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Out with the old and in with new!

After I figured out the factory block was junk it was time to get it out of there.

Got the Block out and … a little while later, I had the tranny out as well. I then borrowed a bare block, head and manifolds for the mock up process. Since so little was online about this swap, I thought it was best to make sure it would all fit before I was to committed to swapping in a SBC. It’s also easier to work with.

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Found a Clean 1989 Mazda B2200 for $250… What to do with it?


I found this little Mazda on Facebook. Its been living on a farm, working way to hard. He gave up his heart to that farm. I believe he has always really wanted to be a Minitruck.

Got the little Mazda home after a stop at the car wash.

Well… I thought it would be best to really inspect his heart and decided if it could be saved. Turns out that was a waste of time for this little guy. He worked so hard he lost the number 3 piston. Wasn’t anything left of it. The connecting rod was found behind the exhaust manifold outside the engine block.

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