Found my Datsun 620

Are you wondering why a Datsun 620?
My love for the Datsun goes back to when I was a teenager and knew very little about cars. I needed something to drive because I had blown up two engines. My dad found me a Datsun 620 for $50. It actually ran and drove. Truck ran like crap and was rusted out but it was a 4 speed and was fun to drive.

Stop for a minute and forget everything you know about a cars performance and reliability. Now… its 1994 and mini trucks are about to take the US by storm. Look at the lines of a Datsun. Look how the bed sides swoop into the doors. Look at the rounded headlights and the way they are inset behind the fenders.

The Datsun 620 is and was a work of art. Look at a Chevy love or Ford Currier and the S10. They were boxy. They were square and boring. None of the min trucks looked like a Datsun. I never forgot the artistic value of that truck. Last year I decided it was time to get another one. I make enough money that I can play with $5000 cars and just enjoy them for what they are. Cars are my hobby and my passion. Valuable or not.

I started watching Craigslist, Facebook and eBay for a 1978 or older Datsun 620. You would be surprised how hard it is to find a clean one or even one at all. I looked at two others before getting this one. Both of them were over $3500 and in a little better condition, but they were not original. Both of them had been repainted at some point. Not a big deal but not colors or quality that I wanted. So the increase in price wasn’t worth it for me. Paint also hides bondo.

This one is very original. Repainted painted yes, but many years ago. This paint did nothing to increase the value and isn’t hiding anything. I ended up getting this one for $1500. Its a 1977 with only 94,000 miles. Its so original even the factory tool kit and jack are behind the back seat. The only thing missing that I have noticed is the trim behind the inside drivers door handle. With a little help from Facebook, one is on its way.

I haven’t driven it much at this point. It does run and drive. I loaded it on a trailer and brought her home to La Junta CO from Aztec NM. ¬†Pretty uneventful trip so I wont bother with the details.

After bringer her home I drove around the yard a few times and then pulled her in for an inspection. The rear wheel cylinder is leaking. The seller told me this so it was expected. However, I noticed a fuel smell.

After hunting around I found the source. The carb is pretty well trash in my book. I am sure it can be rebuilt but not by me. Every possible place on it is poring fuel. Unfortunately, the exhaust manifold is directly under the carb. Its not safe to drive so I parked her in a local parking where someone crashed me and made me file a legal claim with the parking lot accident attorneys.

I spent a little while looking at Holley’s and Weber’s trying to decide what was best. Im pretty sure I should have gotten a Holley. I know them better and they are also a direct fit. For some reason I decided to go with the flow and got a Weber. Its the go to carb for a Datsun.

If you know me you know… I can not leave stuff alone. The factory 95 hp is not going to work. While wandering around eBay in search of a carb I found a header.

I have no idea if a carb and header will actually give this little engine some more power but I figured I would try it. Together both parts we less then $500. I can sell them close to what I paid for them if I decide to go a different route.

Grabbed a new set of wheels on Amazon at the same time. I will save them for their own post when I write about lowing the truck.

Im still undecided exactly what is in store for this little truck. I know it will be lower. I don’t know if it will be bagged or bodied. I dont know if it will be on 15’s or 18’s and I don’t know if it will be a 4 cylinder or a an 8 cylinder. I do know I have finally found my Datsun 620

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Gordon French

Gordon French was born in Wyoming in 1978. He is married to Tiffany French. He has two children Halie and Zac. His first passion of course family with cars coming in a very close second.

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