hardbody frame sectioned

EnSlaved – sectioning the frame on my Nissan Hardbody

Made some progress over the last few day. I’m happy to say this is going way better then I expected.

D21 frame with a section cut out

D21 right side frame sectioned

I decided to cut this side of the frame in two parts. Thus leaving the rear cross member in place. I don’t think it was really necessary but it made me feel better. For this cut I used a grinder to cut a small slit in each side of the frame rails allowing a sawzall blade to fit through. After that I simply cut with a sawsall blade. Only one blade. It cut way easier then expected.

After the cut was complete I had to spend a little time cleaning up the inside of the frame so the two pieces would fit nicely together. There was a nut welded to the inside on one end. I sectioned around that. The front end had a support brace that I had to cut out. This brace kept the two pieces from sitting flush with each other.

hardbody frame welded
frame section tack welded in place

Once the fit nicely I simply tack welded into place for now. I also added a cross brace for temporary support.

support brace

Again this may not be needed but better safe then sorry. After this I remove the only brace left welded in place. The rear section are only bolted and might flex.

cut hardbody brace
weld ground and tore with air chisel
d21 lowered body mount
rear right body mount

After removing the rear cross brace I cut the second section of the right frame well, dropped it into place inside theoriginal frame rail and tacked it into place.

I trimmed about 1/4 inch off the cab mount as setting the frame inside moves it out the thickness of the frame. I also lowed it 1/4 inch. I noticed the was a considerable gap between the cab and the frame rails. This additional 1/4 inch will just give me a little extra drop.

hardbody right frame rail sectioned
right frame well tacked up

At this point the right side is all tacked in place. I will plate the sections left open at the front and rear after I know the cab sits back on properly. No reason to finish weld all that without be sure my measurements are correct.

left side of hardbody frame rail
left body mount removed

For the front I just cut straight across and welded it back with a plate 2.5″ lower

front bumper mount
front bumper bracket

I chose to smooth the transition on the front and rear of the center sections. I feel it looks better as well as being stronger. The smoother transition verse a 90 degree cut with spread the weight out and not create a tear point.

hardbody frame transition
left front transition
hardbody frame
right front transition
hardbody frame transition
rear transition

Frame under the cab is complete. All bolt holes line up and the rocker is below the frame, well at least it will be with shaved body bushings.

stock floor body dropped D21 cab
pinch molding below frame rail

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  1. Hello. Very nice work. I like the steps you took on this build. And would like to do the same to mine. My question is how much did you cut on the frame sections where the cab will be mounted. I seen you moved the front frame horns down 2.5” is that how much you cut?

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