Difference Between A Blog And A Website

Many of us may have a confusion between the functions of a blog, and a website. A blog is an online journal where people can update information frequently, and website is a group of web pages where content is published for all reasons. Surprisingly, it is difficult to explain much about their differences, because they share many unique characteristics. Thus, many people have a perception that blogs and websites, both are same. However, it is important for us to understand the key differences between a blog and a website.

Difference between blog and website
Both blogs (when used for business) and websites play an important role in representing credibility of a business, and in enabling customers to know about their products or services. Though, blogs have similar features like websites, they are distinctly different.

  • Publishing content: A blog is online diary where the blogger can write posts on personal interests, reviews, experiences and many more. A website is a standard place, where the company cannot go for personal opinions of its business. It is for publishing formal and official information. Websites content seldom can be changed easily and frequently. Whereas, content in blogs can be updated easily with WYSIWYG based text editor.
  • Creation concern: Creating a website is not as easy as creating a blog. It needs specific knowledge about html, php, xml, etc. Blog creation is easy and simple. Free or hosted blogs can be created with built-in templates or even can be customized based on needs or owners preferences.
  • Cost: Creation of a website for a company may force to spend huge amount of money for domain registration, web hosting, content development, etc. For creating a blog, its takes only a few dollars to host or even you can do it free using some blog service providers like Blogger, or WordPress etc.
  • Visibility differences: As blogs are personal online diaries, they are not created with a focus on marketing, which makes them vibrant in terms of layout, design, and content. Therefore, visitors often come to read personal reviews, opinions, or personal details. Websites are created with specific purpose. This may restrict them in designing, structuring, and presenting the website.
  • Blogs are dynamic: In website, the content changes with change in products, and services of the company. Blogs are updated on regular basis.
  • Websites have limited information: Websites describes about an organization i.e. may be profit/non-profit and its products or services. Comparatively, content in blogs can be represented in many ways like personal views, conversational, and biased opinions.
  • Communication flow: Websites give overview of a company, and give information about the products, and services but does not take any feed back. Communication flow in blogs is two-way. After reading the blog, readers give feedback in form of comments. Generally for websites, it is one-way communication.

The above information helps in understanding the difference between blogs, and website. Both blogs and website have their own significance in online market.

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