Bags working in the 46!

All new brake parts arrived so I am making progress on that. Nothing special. 80’s Camaro’s had much better brakes then a 46 truck so stock was plenty of an upgrade. New rotors, new calipers, new drums, new bearings, and new wheel cylinders.

Electrical wiring is about done, need to finish headlights and tail lights, they were already bought it at as soon as we have them we will do it.

I made a lot of progress on the paint. I want it to look original but because someone had painted the doors I have to get creative.

Love the way the steering wheel came out. Most people seem to leave the wheel in the stock position. I don’t think I could handle that. Its not a Mac truck. I want the wheel in a more modern location.

Was able to finish up the brakes. Nothing real complicated. I used a master cylinder off a 1980 C20. I made all my own lines.

I found a fuel tank at a tractor scrap yard. Fits nicely between the frame rails. The fuel pump was more work. Because we slid the engine back I had to notch out for the fuel pump.

Front clip back on. Radiator, oil cooler and tranny cooler are in.
Truck runs. Transmission mount and cross member are in. Shifter is in.
Had to take shifter back out to paint the floors, but its ready to go back
when paint drys. Driveline is getting cut down today. Bed mounted, bed painted, rear shocks on, driveline in, tail lights mounted and wired.

Truck is about ready to move on its own. Won’t say road ready but closer to moving under its own power. Maybe a trip around the yard.

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