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I have decide to play with the idea of starting my own business. I have spent many years in the internet world and have seen a very large amount of people offering websites for $99. How can they provide a solid product for $99. The answer is they cant. You can not build a one of a kind website for $99, unless…

Traditionally you get what you pay for

I always wondered how these developers could make any money. It turns out that most of the time you get what you pay for. These so called developers were selling template sites. Many of them didn’t even bother to set up keywords or meta descriptions.

I had one client who paid a so called developer for several years. He was never able to find his website in Google. While speaking to this client over the phone, I looked at the source code of his website. Turns out all the meta information was for a Glass company. He dealt with Bee Removal. Needles to say I got a new client.

These so called developers are building websites daily. How are real developers going to compete with these prices. Sure the websites will never get traffic from Google, but how many customers understand why.

Competing with these Cheap Developers

I have spent a few years trying to figure out how I can provide a website that will perform and appear unique. It turns out WordPress is the answer. With a little now how WordPress based sites do extremely well in Google. You need to set up the meta data and permalinks. But you can build a very strong professional site with WordPress. Dont believe me? Check out worldvillage.com or dealofday.com. I built both of these site on a WordPress frame work. Both sites get several 1,000 hits a day and bring in several $100 of daily revenue.

Cost of a website

The cost in web development comes in dealing with the customer. I hate dealing with customers. They seem to be very needed. Well, what if you can train theme how to do everything them selves. This got me thinking. I decided to set up a reseller hosting account, build a theme that was fully customizable and seo ready. Next, I needed to build a great tutorial database. I couldn’t make any money building a theme like this for every person, but what if every person could use the same theme. What if every person could add the own content. Then I could let the customer worry about there typos and I could worry about getting them traffic. I am a developer. I am not a writter. It seems to me the customer will always be better suited to manage a website about there business. I will always be better suited to get them traffic. Why don’t we both do what we do best.

The Build a Website Solution

1stepWebsite.com is the solution. For $89 I will set up your server, install WordPress, give you any and all of my themes. There is more. I will also set up your twitter account, Facebook account and link them all together. The customer (you) will only need to add there content. Not sure how?  Well that is where the tutorials come in. I am building a tutorial base that will cover every aspect of my themes, WordPress and social networking basics. Don’t like tutorials, then call me and I will personally walk you through building a page and adding a new post.

I want to see the so called web developer build a website as powerful for $99, simply wont happen. For once you are going to get a lot more then you pay for. I am willing to loose money in the beginning to get your business. I am tired of these so called developers turning out website after website that will never do anything for these clients (you).

I will make my money back as long as you are a happy customer. This is where the hosting part comes in. It is a lot of work to move a website. Why move it if you are happy with you current hosting company, developer and support team. As part of setting up everything I will set your website up on a Hostgator server. That’s correct, hosting with the best company out there.

My plan is to keep you happy, get you traffic and make you money. If your happy you will stay with me and I will be happy.

Get you website today for only $89

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